Spring of Hope Uganda

    Enabling Ugandan Communities to Help Children with Disabilities

village work

Together we can make a difference
We believe that we need to look at a child and parent as a whole and not just the disability; poverty can hinder a child's development and if a family is unable to support their child the chance for the to reach their true potential is far less.

 Please help this program start off by  supporting or you can request for  our mixed farming business plan.There is a saying which says "if you give someone a fish, it will last a day, if you teach someone how to fish it will last forever".  Over the last few years we have empowered some of our mothers to learn to make paper necklaces, and then sell them in the open market in make an income for their families.  Through the Gift Certificate Program we have been able to give a few families chickens, goats and ducks.   Our AIM in this project is to help parents and enable them to have a more sustainable income through teaching them new agriculture skills then assisting them with small microfinance loans. Agriculture is the major income generating activity in local communities of Uganda so we want to support parents start mixed farming.

This agriculture initiative will allow families to support themselves and their children. This will enable them to contribute towards their own life and services for their child. This will lead them to own the work of SoHUG. This is total transformation of society.  If you get involved, it is a great way to transform lives!!!!

In Uganda daily living requirements, mainly food is very expensive, so we want  to help parents produce  more food  to fight against malnutrition  problems and hunger.  A family generally survives on less than  $1 or £1 .

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