Spring of Hope Uganda

    Enabling Ugandan Communities to Help Children with Disabilities


Helping the Communities
What are our Aims?
  • Enable the child to reach their full potential in development and independence
  • Support the parents to value their child for who they are
  • Educate the community to understand and accept the needs of the children
  • Provide and facilitate assessment, access to treatment, corrective surgery and equipment
Helping the Communities to Help Themselves
We realize it is important to work in and with the community - equipping the community to help themselves.
The project will be termed a success:
  • when the disabled children and their families are fully allowed to participate in any community event without discrimination
  • when the perception of the community changes from negative to positive and the disabled are seen as being assets rather than liabilities
  • when they will not label a child as disabled but instead talk of "Jessica - the girl with a great smile"
  • when the disabled child reaches their full pontentail in eduaction, health, spiritual

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