Spring of Hope Uganda

    Enabling Ugandan Communities to Help Children with Disabilities


Why Children with Disabilities?
Spring of Hope is a community-based rehabilitation non- profit organisation for children with disabilities in rural areas of Uganda. We currently work with 500 children and their families in the areas of education, physiotherapy, awareness raising and income generating projects. Our aim is to see that these children are able to reach their true potential. Before the work of Spring of Hope began disabled children were being abused, locked away and tied up due to the stigma of disability. We hope to see children with disabilities fully accepted into all areas of community and family life in Uganda.
Spring of Hope is based in Kayunga district, Kangulumira Sub-county. The programme started in August 2004 working alongside another organisation; it gradually grew and developed with the services extending to the neighbouring districts wherever possible. In 2011, Spring of Hope Uganda SoHUG was registered as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in its own right.
 Who we Help:
We work with kids that have various disablities: 
  • Deafness/significant hearing impairment
  • Visually impaired/significant sight problems.
  • Learning disabilities, Cognitive Disabilities, Developmental disabilities
  • Epilepsy
  • Physical disability
We also aim to improve general community knowledge and awareness; helping them understand disabilities, what can be done and we carry out community assessments.

Children are assessed to determine their needs. Some children be referred for surgery, some  prescribed physiotherapy programmes, and others may be given adaptive equipment.


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